In some areas, craft beer has started being incredibly popular. It has now replaced the “wino” culture in many cities, and homebrews and startups are popping up everywhere. It seems that everyone has a local brewery they recommend, and people are using “hops” and “session beers” in everyday language. While some cities and states are not seeing this trend, it’s becoming very common in many places. For this reason, it leads many people to wonder, “Why is craft beer so popular?”


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  1. It is new.

It’s a tale as old as time: people go for the newest and shiniest thing available. It’s becoming trendy to try new beer, and it’s becoming cool to be the new brewery on the block. In years before, the tried and true beers and breweries were the one that got people’s money. Now it’s the newest company, or the coolest brew shop, or the brewery with the most exciting new flavors. Many breweries and beers fizzle out within a year of their launch, but there are many others waiting to take their places.

  1. Beer is cool.

For many years, beer was just the tried and true drink of older men and the cheapest thing to buy in the bar and the liquor store. Nobody really gave beer much thought, it just was. Now, people are giving a lot of thought to their beer. In the same way that you wonder which red wine will compliment your salmon dish, people are now considering the best beer for their meals. It’s becoming very common for people to bring craft beers to parties, camping, and even holidays and weddings. While some people may want to stick to their “American-brewed” monopoly brand beers, many people are going for the truly US-brewed, homebrewed unique flavors that craft beer has to offer.


  1. It is a social thing.

Just like wine bars and cocktail clubs, breweries are becoming a social hotspot. Many local breweries are even considered “gastro pubs” with incredibly delicious and innovative foods to pair with their equally delicious and innovative beers. A lot of breweries also have fun settings, with ping-pong, pool, and even beer pong. They may even have patio areas, or just have a food truck rented in the parking lot. It is very much catered to the Millennial crowd, but other age demographics are finding these places to be very enjoyable as well. Even if people get canned beer from the store and bring it home or to a party, the craft brews are a talking point where everyone can share what they like or don’t like about a specific beer. Then, they can all try another one next time.

Craft beer is on the rise, and shows no signs of stopping. Paired with novelty and really yummy flavors, it seems that the people who are creating these masterpieces are at the forefront of a major shift in society’s perception of drinking. Drinking is no longer a tasteless pastime just to “get drunk,” it’s a science and an experience.