Managing Success and Failures in Life

Success and failure are abstract in nature and are comprehended differently by different people. Much associate success with worldly commodities, fame, leadership, and prestige while failure in the lack of it. While attaining success is not a piece of cake, coping with failures is a hard toil as well. In actuality, failures are important to have in order to celebrate success in life. Keeping a balance in life, attaining and sustaining success, and burying failure under rugs is the actual achievement of life. Life is a roller coaster, with every day coming up with new hope and struggle for people and the real accomplishment is to thrive every day, give your best and avoid getting into the tornado of depression.

Get Rid of Superiority and Inferiority Syndrome

Emotionally unhealthy people are more prone to these syndromes. The intoxication of power and wealth makes them smug and adamant. Their personalities are absorbed with uncompromising nature, over-confidence and they ignore their shortcomings, imprudence, and lost sight of reality which leads to ultimate failure. Remember, attaining success is not as hard as sustaining it for a longer period of time. In other cases, the people who face more failures in life become the victim of stress, emotional instability, depression, and agonizing. They forget that the failing experience is more of an opportunity for improvement and a necessary blockage for success. The only thing that helps one in such a situation is a strong and healthy mind and emotions. A mentally and emotionally rugged person would take failure as a lesson and move forward. The only defeat one can suffer is when they become hopeless, futureless, and give up. 

Failure is not Bad!

First of all, we must not perceive failure as something misfortunate. It’s an experience which encourages you to learn that may be another approach is more suitable. It’s merely a blunder that does not define your attitude but a starting point to go on. Even if you face constant failure in every venture you try on, you will see that there are not many people or organizations working on coping and learning from failure. Now, very few of them who have taken the initiative but have still failed to interpret the meaning of failure. The act of failing is not something to recollect the fault, highlighting it, and avoid doing it in the future, be it on a personal level or an organizational level.  Rather it’s a process of unpredictability where the personal deviance, or lack of commitment or the complexity of the situation urges you to make a fault. The favourable counselling, your own optimism and judgment about your doings and strong mental functionality can help you making the same mistake again that led to the failure in the first place.

Dealing with Success

Some people can’t handle the success that comes their way and do everything to let it loose. It’s because they don’t know how to handle it. They get elated with the newly gained wealth and fame and there is nothing that can get a hold of them. First of all, a person with a strong mind and emotions would never see himself in such a situation, so a bit of constructive thinking, confidence, flexibility and self-assurance would be helpful to keep a steady attitude. Another way to be grateful for what you got is to remember the time when you had nothing.  Gratitude can take you a long way. Thirdly, you have no idea how much an emotional reactive person can lose so much in life. So train yourself to be a good listener and observer. Sit back and take note of happenings with logic. True power comes with restraint. Don’t let your words and emotions control you. 

To sum up, one needs to be flexible in his attitude in order to deal with both success and failure. The adamance and the intransigent nature would never help one in dealing with both stances in life. There are going to be difficult times, they will be bad days but with the right stress, time, money and emotional management, success is not far away. And once when you are successful, your positive attitude, sensible and practical approach towards life, the emotional health and your  family would help you stay afloat.