Future of work- Presenting Awkward work moments

Being a freelancer or remote working has its perks and we all like to tell the story of working for yourself from your home office as a dream come true but there are some darker and hilarious sides to this that no one talks about. The reality of work from home is filled with all manners of comical anecdotes spanning from mildly awkward to downright embarrassing and as the future of work is turning towards virtual interaction which is the new normal, the awkward moments have also taken up a new normal. As colleagues are getting a new peek into each other’s life, some pretty interesting moments are happening during our Zoom and Google meetings.

Let’s talk and celebrate them, it will only bring us closer and we all need that during the pandemic, don’t we?

  • Wearing the same T-shirt on every video call of the week

The office attire rules are different in the virtual world. Dressing up for special meetings and presentations is there but when it comes to daily team meetings, people usually end up in their favorite t-shirt or sweatshirt all week long. 

  • Business on top and party on the bottom

Speaking of weird fashion choices, most people haven’t worn real pants since march. It’s all yoga pants or shorts. Most professionals on occasion have swapped their favorite sweatshirt for one of those forgotten blazers in their closet but you bet the yoga pants are staying, after all, who is going to notice? Unless you are sitting at a bad camera angle

  • Speaking over your colleagues 

Glitchy wifi, bothersome mute buttons, and hard to read body language make it impossible not to speak over someone during a virtual meeting followed by complete silence where everyone was trying to let the other person speak. It’s super awkward but we all have to agree it’s the new normal and technically nobody’s fault. 

  • Kids will insert themselves into your meetings

From asking for food and going to the bathroom and dancing behind their parents while they are on a zoom call, kids are having the time of their lives. Thankfully most of the people in our offices are cool with this. If anything this pandemic has made us more humans and accepting of each other. To be honest, these moments are good serotonin boosters during meetings, keep them coming, parents

  • Special appearances by yours truly “ your pets”

Speaking of special entries by children and we don’t count pets in would be unfair on our part. We have all enjoyed reading tweets to watching youtube videos of cats and dogs meeting bombing their owners from live international broadcasts to private office meetings and we have enjoyed them no doubt and will continue to do so.

  • The Mute Button

The dreadful and often the funniest moment, of course for your colleagues, when you are either talking to your children, pets, or spouse about something, and to your horror, the mute button was off. Too many people who aren’t very tech-savvy or simply forgot to turn on the mute button. The internet is a great place to find stories of such happenings

Working from home although comes with great perks of being your own boss and spending time with your family. it has its own challenges and flavor of awkward when it comes to it, choose wisely and enjoy it. As these are the little moments are the ones that make up the experience of living and working truly wholesome, sometimes not. After all, it is said that the only true currency in this world is your uncool moments and the laughter followed by it.