1. Why is craft beer so expensive?

Generally, craft beer is not made by big brands with big brewing facilities and low-cost, high-volume distribution. Many times, these products are made in someone’s garage or kitchen, hand-bottled and hand-labeled and hand-shipped. There is also a lot of trial and error associated with home brewing (or microbreweries), which results in a lot of lost product (spilled beer). Essentially, when you support craft beer, you’re supporting the people who make it, their lifestyles, and their awesome creativity in creating their beverages. I think that’s worth a little markup, don’t you?

  1. Why is most craft beer so gross?

It’s not gross, you just have a very simple palate. That’s not meant to be offensive. The reality is that most of the American diet comes down to sugar and salt flavors- that’s it. Everything else is fairly bland and simple. Beer can be very complex, as it retains a lot of the flavors of the spices and foods brewed with the main ingredients. Many people begin their “beer journey” believing that quite a few craft beers are gross, and as they get more used to the discerning spices and flavors, they begin to advance more to even the most “gross” flavors, like India Pale Ales and hoppy beers. Many other countries around the world brew beer similar to this, and it’s considered domestic. You just have to get used to it!

  1. Why isn’t craft beer on draft at my favorite restaurant?

This also comes down to price and availability. The reality is that most craft brews do not have the reputation or even volume that is needed to have a contract with a popular restaurant chain. That requires a ton of output, which is hard to produce in a homebrew setting. It’s also very expensive to transport beer when you don’t have a lot of volume, and most chains do not want to pay the high overhead cost for craft brews. If it’s something you really want to see in your local watering hole, talk to the manager or owner. If enough people ask for something, the smart business owners will accommodate.

  1. How do I start homebrewing?

There are plenty of fantastic starter kits out there. Review this website for my articles on the ones I recommend. Basically, just start with a kit and then decide from there if you want to expand. Homebrewing is not for everyone!

  1. Why should I stop buying “regular beer”?

Nobody is saying you should stop buying regular beer. However, once you start drinking craft beer from local or even national craft breweries, you will not even want to spend your money on that watered down beer anymore. Also, by supporting craft beer you’re also usually supporting local business, local jobs, and the community in which you live. Microbreweries employ a lot of people and pay a lot of taxes, all of which help your community and state. You’re also making it possible for craft beer to continue to grow, and to make it possible for your local brewery to reach more people with their unique flavors.