Imagine a person who is beyond enthusiastic about freshly brewed beer; who eats, sleeps, and drinks beer and then drinks some more. Imagine someone who gets excited at the prospect of buying new tubes or heating elements for their garage homebrew project, and who has destroyed two label printers for their homebrew bottles. Do you get the picture? That’s me, Shawn, and I am a craft brew addict.


The best part about calling myself that today is that nobody thinks I’m an alcoholic. In fact, craft brewing and drinking are not exactly synonyms in my vernacular. I pride myself on my unique brews, and I enjoy trying the brews of my neighbors, friends, and fellow business owners. Living in a suburb of Denver, CO, I am surrounded by fellow craft beer enthusiasts and have an extensive network of support and assistance when my recipes do not go as planned.

I started craft brewing three years ago, at the end of 2012, when a friend upgraded his homebrew materials and no longer needed his current set. Being the frugal man that I am, I snatched up the opportunity for free homebrew kits, and began brewing myself at my next opportunity. Much to my wife’s dismay, I was hooked. I was never the scientific brain in high school or college, but something about watching the contents ferment (well, you can’t really see it) and adjusting the heat made me feel like Doctor Frankenstein. Every time I poured a little out of the flask, I wanted to shout, “It’s aliiiiiiiive!”

Eventually, I was becoming such a prolific brewer that I, too, upgraded my homebrew material and actually began selling my six packs of glass-bottled magic to friends and family. After that, I joined forces with a friend who loved home brewing too, and we began to evaluate our options for opening our own brewery. That project is still in the works, as it turns out you need a lot of capital to start a business; who knew? In the meantime, my friend and I have been slowly increasing our production out of our respective garages, and we have even managed to quit our boring day jobs to spend all day obsessively watching the heat gauges, tubing, and fermentation processes.

Sounds boring, but we love it. In addition to that, I started this website as a way to share my passion for the art of brewing. I know I’m not alone in this, and the website has been a great way to review products, recipes, and share tips and tricks for fellow home brewers and entrepreneurs like us. Craft beer is an amazing thing; it’s a little bit science, a little bit novelty, and 100% fun. I want to share it with more people, and learn from all the people that I can. Craft beer is such a social thing, it’s nothing like the sad “Big Beer” drinkers who enjoy no flavor and no experience with their beer. Craft beer is on a roll, and I’m ready to rock.