7 Weight Loss Tips You’ve Probably Never Tried

A long time ago humans discovered that the key to losing weight was to eat less and work more. However, as we move forward in life we find it very monotonous to indulge into this boring regime. Development and research has allowed us human beings to discover ourselves from a whole new perspective, this advancement has allowed us to discover futuristic and unique ways to do things in life. 

As we seek new ways to do everything in our routine life so why not take the chance and spice up or weight loss regime? Who likes this same old “lose your weight with a nutritious diet” or “Gym 5 times a week and get the body of your dreams”. This whole idea of going to only the gym and having a rigorous diet is the best way to demotivate anyone who’s trying to lose weight. As much as we may realize the importance of an active lifestyle, it is very hard to push ourselves from the comfort of our home to the gym. 

So we decided to compile some effective tips for you to lose the extra pounds without making extra effort! 

1. Downsizing! 

We aren’t talking about the downsizing big corporate firms (pun intended). What we really mean is take the time to maximize your results with minimal effort. Let us give you one of the most unique ways to downsize on your food. Downsizing your dinnerware is proven to reduce your intake. We’re not kidding! Larger plates always lead to more eating as compared to smaller plates in which you can eat smaller portions. So use your lunch ware in dinner and use your dinner plates for salads. More salad and less oil foods! 

2. Don’t Drink Your Calories 

If you’re trying to lose weight and still haven’t cut down on soft drinks and carbonated drinks, are you even serious about your weight loss? Soft Drinks and Carbonated drinks are established bad boys but did you ever wonder that even fruit juices contain a similar amount of sugar? I guess not! Studies have shown that calories that come from liquid sugar may be the single most fattening aspect of the modern diet. We are definitely not asking you to cut down on your fruit intake since fruits are an essential part of a healthy diet but try to avoid juices as much as you can due to their high sugar content. 

3. Find Ways To Motivate Yourself 

Write notes for yourself and keep reminding yourself of all the reasons you are losing weight. To fit in your old skinny jeans, to rock a new bikini at the beach or just to feel good about yourself. Whatever your reasons are, keep reminding yourself everyday why you have embarked on this journey. Moreover, write inspirational quotes on sticky notes and place them in areas where you will frequently read them to keep your motivation levels high at all times! In my experience, placing these notes on fridges and snack cabinets really deters you from cheating on your weight loss regime.

4. Separate Your Emotions From Eating

Stress eating is a very normal thing and often people trying to lose weight get deeply affected if they give in to their emotions. We strongly suggest that you pre-plan and pack your snacks and make a completely different section for them. Eliminate the junk food cabinet out of your house, don’t stock up on junk food in your monthly grocery. Slice up some fruits and vegetables and put them in the fridge. Nuts and seeds are also healthy alternatives to potato chips that you uncontrollably turn to. Do not eat whatever you feel like!

5. Reward System 

Treating yourself like a five year old kid may seem a little unrealistic but rewarding yourself on achieving small goals is one of the most effective ways to keep yourself motivated and on the right track. The reward could be anything from your favorite jacket to shoes to even a dollar bill. Achieving smaller milestones becomes easier if you are rewarding yourself with anything you’ve wanted for a long time. All the money that you spend on dining out or buying junk food, try saving that for a month and then at the end of the month buy something for yourself or improve your house with that money. 

6. Let It Go

Let go of things that bother you! There are many ways to do this but a well-known way is to write about an important personal issue. Research shows that journaling is known to reduce stress levels as it allows you to turn to something else other than eating during stressful periods. For a lot of people this may be a very small thing but stress has a very considerable impact on our diet, weight gain and loss. 

7. Make Healthy Food Easily Accessible 

Stock your pantry with healthy foods and try to cook meals for yourself as much as you can. Your house should be filled with fruits, vegetables and nuts, anything that will stop you from going towards unhealthy alternatives. A Pantry full of food will also encourage you to cook your own meals and you will have a better control over your calorie intake. Avoid dining out because a recent study revealed that eating out increases your calorie intake 134 Calories! 

Incorporate these easy tips in your weight loss regime and maybe one of it is your ticket to the perfect beach body!