5 Steps To Get A Promotion

The most toxic thing that I have learned recently when I started working full time post graduation is that over-working and the non-existence of a work-life balance is glorified way too much. The older generations have a very strong belief that in order to progress you have to completely banish your social life and ignore your house and just work without any expectations. Since times have changed and people have started being more vocal about their rights this has changed. Proper working hours with appropriate remunerations and timely promotions have been put in place; however, no one is discouraging people from working hard but demanding that a healthy balance be maintained at all times. 

Nonetheless, getting a promotion is never easy! Have you been working tirelessly for a promotion and can’t seem to get it? Are you looking for ways to bring in that promotion you’ve had your eyes on? Well, you have come to the right place! Keep reading to find out important tips and tricks to get promoted no matter where you work.

Internal Promotions

The first step that every individual needs to ensure before starting a job is to question the management about career advancement opportunities. Many companies do not internal promote their employees for a position, which is why if you are part of a company that finds individuals specifically for higher positions and does not internally promote then it is best to leave it at that point after you have gained your desired experience.

Be willing to take ownership of your position

The second step is to always take ownership of your position, do every task with dedication and go beyond your job description. There is opportunity in every task to show your best self. Companies notice the smallest extra effort and always consider employees that are willing to do more for them. This does not mean that you should over-exert yourself and not care about your physical and mental well-being. It’s important to do things within your capacity to do so.

Keep networking

Networking allows you to get around your field and find like minded people who appreciate your work. These are active opportunities to switch jobs and aim for a higher position with the experience you have already gathered.  Networking gives you a chance to get to know experts within your own field and learn a lot from them. It makes you become more valuable. For example, people on LinkedIn and Facebook share new and extremely knowledgeable information on platforms for others to learn from and this can be a great way to untap new information for your own field.

Excel at your job

This is the part where you think, well that is pretty obvious but the important part to understand is that you have to be great at it, if you’re unreplaceable then you’ll surely get that promotion but if you’re not willing to work hard then there can’t be any way around this. When you go an extra mile for your work then even your boss will notice. This leads to a better opportunity; your boss will definitely think of you when a vacancy opens or he needs you at a seniority level. Treat every task with utmost importance and don’t treat any small task as it is tedious. Your willingness to work shows how dedicated of an employee you are and your value will increase.


Lastly, you can’t expect a promotion, if you have not discussed it with your superiors beforehand. Communication is key and that is why you need to let your superior know that you expect advancement in your field while you work for them. You have to let them know how important it is for you and that it is one of your incentives of staying with the company in the long-run. Once employers realize that it is necessary to retain their valuable employees, they will offer promotions on performance. So, before you think about switching jobs or positions, it is important to let your current company know. If the company tells you beforehand that there are no possibilities of advancement you will be sure about leaving guilt free.

Here were five tips on improving your chances at a promotion. Paving your way for better opportunities is important to your growth in any industry and your rights. Don’t forget to be consistent and hardworking in this journey!