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Try These 5 Tips To Get Better Work-Life Balance

Work-life balance had always been a big topic of discussion, but with the COVID-19 pandemic, much of the work life concepts were truly put under questioning. Prior to the pandemic, the work from the home arrangement was treated as ephemeral, and work usually had a clock-out time. However, in 2019, things changed, and so did the nature of work. Work from home became a common practice, and many professionals reported that the routine of clocking out and taking breaks became outdated.

Work arrangements became a challenge when offices and homes became the same place, and so did finding a balance. Before most people even realized it, they were waking up at work, eating at work, showering at work, and napping at work because work took up most of their day. Since work and personal life have become very intertwined, there is a need to establish work life balance. But before we get into the details of what tips to consider, let’s see what it means.

What exactly is work-life balance?

The definition of a healthy work life balance can mean different things to different people. But typically, it includes having ample time for yourself and leisure, as well as enough time to work. Both personal and professional areas of your life should be in harmony and balance for work life balance to be achieved. A healthy work life balance routine can look like:

  •  Have a plan for your professional tasks as well as a personal to-do list.
  •  Being able to manage work and leisure equally without compromising any deadlines.
  •   Not having to constantly worry about work when you are on a break.

While the above examples look simple and straightforward, they can often be hard to manage if we have deadlines piling up, unhealthy working habits, demanding families and bosses and more. This is why you need to incorporate some must-have work life balance tips into your routine today.

1. Planning Your Day Before Your Get Started

Ever had a hundred things to do before the day ends and 24 hours later, they’re still on your plate? We all have been in cases where time wasn’t on our side, and working throughout the day simply wasn’t enough. It’s time to prioritize what you are going to do and stick to the timeline. Having a timeline can let you establish a routine that works well for you. Even if you don’t accomplish all of them throughout the day, you will know which tasks were postponed and which need to be revised.

2. Manage Work Not Employees

If you are a manager and often have to spend extra time ensuring that the work has to get done, it is time to revise your approach to management. Most of the time, your employees know what needs to be done and are doing it according to their pace. If there is no urgency, establish specific deadlines for the tasks, one for submission and another for review and let them handle it. Train your employees to become managers of themselves, and allow room for growth.

3. Take Proper Lunch Breaks

Taking lunch breaks at home and on-site are not the same thing, and shouldn’t be treated as such. In the office, you most likely have something ready to heat and eat, but at home – you might have to cook something up or arrange something before getting a bite to eat. Your lunchtime should be your time, it should be free of meetings, performing tasks, and reporting. Don’t try fitting in everything in that hour of nourishment, rather finish your tasks before or after you take the hour off.

4. It Is Okay To Say No

Got your work and hours done and someone calls you in for an unnecessary discussion? Time to say no. It is difficult to find work life balance if you haven’t established a boundary yourself. Learn when to say no, and then actually do it. Make the best decision given the situation, and say no to unnecessary tasks or requests that take time away for your personal life. Make a conscious effort to avoid burning yourself out, and only put extra time in when it’s appropriate and necessary.

5. Set Shorter Meetings

Meetings have to be informative, and comprehensive for them to be meaningful. Luckily, they don’t have to be time-specific, meaning you don’t have to benchmark the meeting at a minimum of 45 minutes, it can be 15 minutes and have the same impact. Remove unnecessary time taking activities from your working hours so you can have time to finish your work. Set your calendar for specific availability and try to stick with it.

Achieving Work-life balance means you should set some boundaries, and prioritize work of personal life according to the situation. Making that change can be difficult but equally rewarding.

5 Effective Time Management Tips For Managers

Time management is a collective term for all kinds of techniques and methods to use your time in a conscious control manner.

However, what is much more important to all of us is using time efficiently is using your time effectively. You can be quite efficient, but you won’t be productive if you’re doing the wrong things.

For managers, time management is not only about being efficient but also about doing the right things!

Ultimately, of course, what managers want is to achieve goals. And, in order to reach those objectives, they must plan accordingly. And for planning the right things, managing time in accordance with those is very important.

Let’s discuss 5-time management tips that would be effective for managers.

Tip 1 – Create 100% Target Clarity In Job Objectives

Goals without actions are like dreams. Actions without clear goals often turn out to be just a waste of time. You’re either doing too much or not enough. Or you don’t choose the right actions. Thus, create 100% target clarity in job objectives. A small number of clearly defined goals will help you choose the right activities. A good job objective is formulated as a result of output. Can be measured and objectively determined. It gives the employee a kind of kick to achieve it. 100% target clarity is the foundation. Only then can an employee or team embrace a goal and accelerate.

Tip 2 – Really Pay Attention To The Degree Of Goal Acceptance

The best step right after goal clarity is goal acceptance. The greater the acceptance, the more ownership. If a team or individual employee embraces a 100% clear goal, this will help you enormously as a manager. The team or employee likes to accelerate and improve and renew themselves more easily to achieve the result. Do you believe in your purpose? Then you really want to go for it. Pay real attention to the degree of goal acceptance. Ask your team or your employee to name the results themselves. What do you believe in and what do you really want to go for? Have them think about a plan: how do you plan to present the result? And ask them more often to express their faith. 

Tip 3 – “Allow The Other Person To Speak Up In All Situations”

Decisiveness is a valued competency among managers. In many situations, you benefit from this quality. But every advantage often has its disadvantage. Especially in difficult situations such as human errors or conflict-like situations, you run the risk as a decisive manager sometimes to react and judge too quickly. It is not less than true, first to understand, then to be understood. As a manager, it forces you to behave objectively. It will take more time, but you will be able to make better decisions which will be worth the time. And you also make your workplace a safer place to work. It makes you feel good and fair.

Tip 4 – Create Your Own Priority Filter

Working effectively means working efficiently. As a manager, you are responsible for the entire company, department, or team. All activities that you pay attention to will quickly contribute to the result. But when have you done well as a manager? When did you “turn” a good year? This is where you must create your own priority filter. Choose and formulate clear and measurable objectives. When you work effectively in everything you do, you are accountable to 2 “entities”: to yourself and to your goals. With your priority filter in mind, you make the right choices more consciously and faster and you focus better. This way you can easily make a difference.

Tip 5 – Focus On Increasing Employee Engagement

Employees with a bad “boss” are more likely to have a heart attack. A group of more than half of all employees experiences dealing with their supervisors as the most stressful part of the work. Engaged employees are less likely to choose another employer and have a better relationship with their customers. The quality of the work goes up.

It is true that companies with engaged employees create more jobs, more revenue, and more profit. Thus, focus on increasing employee engagement/ Talk to employees and ask them for ideas. View and discuss the working atmosphere together with the employees and optimize it together. Extra tip: consider a platform where employees can submit ideas for improvement.

Bottom Line

If you’re determined to make improvements, you should start looking for what’s wasting your time during the day and how you can reduce or multitask it. That will help you get more done every day and most importantly, more things you want to do. All the above-mentioned tips will be effective for managers in managing time and making the work more efficient and effective.

Guide to a Productive Work-Life Balance for Working Moms

It has never been easy for working moms to juggle their work, home and life. You wake up early in the morning, rush through all morning preps, and then spring into working mode either by commuting to the office or working from home. After the work session, you come back home and spring into another mode: family mom. Now you are going to cook, clean, and take care of your child. Perhaps, you’ll also play and read to your baby and put him to sleep, and the next thing you know, you are already in deep slumber only to wake up the next day and repeat this same routine. And during this whole process, you will be asking the same question to yourself, is this how my life is going to be?

Seems like a typical endless cycle. Nevertheless, you wish to be more present with children but also have to choose work. We agree working moms have it tough. But what if we tell you that there is a way to break this cycle and attain a work-life balance without being too exhausted. Some handful strategies and tips that will help you juggle the two sides efficiently according to successful working moms from different careers- authors, accountants, etc., for the work-life balance are:

1. Balance Those Chores- Ask For Help

First and foremost, never shy away from asking for help. The whole burden of house chores should not fall on your shoulders. Enlist help from your partner, babysitter, or even your kids. Involve them. Anyone can do the housework. Ask your partner to help with older kids or other house chores if you are busy taking care of a baby or doing work exclusively for you (pumping, breastfeeding, etc.). 

Give the simple task to your older kids. It will also help them learn and actively contribute to the family. This will also get a lot of your chores done which you might have finished after the kids go to sleep.

Lastly, yet another way is to spend money on cleaning services. It will be the money well-spent if you’re extremely busy or an unkempt house gives you major stress. 

2. Spend Me Time And Reconnection With Partner

The key to a happy home is a happy self and happy marriage. The two most important yet barely paid attention to aspects of a happy life at home. To maintain inner peace and balance with the bustling life, finding time for yourself is hard, and usually working moms, or moms in general always put their own needs last. But remember! You can not take care of everyone if you do not take care of yourself first. Give yourself me-time regularly and allow yourself to relax and recharge. 

The next step is to reconnect with your partner. Relationship or marriage has an immense effect on everything, so making it a priority is rather crucial. Make sure to spend time with your partner (no kids allowed), go on a date, have a meaningful conversation with each other (keep kids and work out of it).

3. 100% Here And 100% There

When you are a working mom, time is precious. One thing about your work life is that it has to be done whether you do it during office hours or after. So to make sure you do not continue your work at home, develop strategic routines and habits that will allow you to work efficiently at your workplace. Make sure you are 100% present and focused on work while in the office. When at work, be mindful of how much time you are spending socializing with coworkers that are affecting your productivity.

This is how you can be 100% and truly at home after coming home. Now once you are home, it is time to make sure you resist the temptation to check emails or whatever it is that is work-related. Focus on your partner and children and spend meaningful time with them.

4. Spend Quality Family Time 

Now 100% focus on family while at home brings us to the next thing i.e., while you are already spending time with family, make sure to make it count by planning some exciting activities that are special to your family. Having a picnic in the backyard or family game nights, or even long walks at the park, anything that connects you and your family deeply. Also, do not forget to ask your kids for ideas! Best way to make them feel involved and important. 

5. Time-saving Hacks Are Your Best Friend 

Using some time-saving hack like these will save from getting frustrated at the end of the day:

  • Do laundry or house cleaning on the weekend to lessen the load during the week. While during the week, just go for daily cleaning instead of deep cleaning. Leave heavy-duty cleaning for once in a while.
  • Prepare for the next morning chores(lunch prep, clothing, etc.) a night before to have a smoother morning routine. 
  • Have some meals cooked beforehand for the upcoming week, or go for cooking meals that do not require you to stay in the kitchen the whole time (baked meals, slow cooker meals, etc.)
  • Try to sneak errands like doing groceries and stuff during your lunch break or when you are picking up your kids from school. 

6. Kick Out Those Expectations 

When you are working, there are several times when you are unable to cook delicious meals daily or keep your house spotless, but these expectations are something working moms put on themselves. Buying food from outside once in a while or not having a spotless house every time does not make you a bad mom. Try to lower these expectations and give your mind less stress and less stuff to worry about. 

7. Guilt Be Gone 

Some working moms do not want to give up on their careers, while some do not have any option but to go to work even if they desire to be stay-at-home moms. Whichever one you are, you are bound to be familiar with one thing: Guilt. 

The guilt of not being with your kids; people will judge you for abandoning your kids. But it is high time you let that go. Try to be confident and focus on the good things. Your work is contributing to your family, and then only everyone around you will understand your sacrifice and your love for them. 

Who thinks working moms can be successful in ruling career life and fulfilling family life? We do! But take it slowly, recognize, and appreciate all the small things. In the beginning, it may not seem like what you want, but do not let an incomplete picture deceive you into thinking that it is not possible. Use some tips and tricks and find the balance that works for you, that will give you deep satisfaction in a well-done job, both at work and home.

5 Steps To Get A Promotion

The most toxic thing that I have learned recently when I started working full time post graduation is that over-working and the non-existence of a work-life balance is glorified way too much. The older generations have a very strong belief that in order to progress you have to completely banish your social life and ignore your house and just work without any expectations. Since times have changed and people have started being more vocal about their rights this has changed. Proper working hours with appropriate remunerations and timely promotions have been put in place; however, no one is discouraging people from working hard but demanding that a healthy balance be maintained at all times. 

Nonetheless, getting a promotion is never easy! Have you been working tirelessly for a promotion and can’t seem to get it? Are you looking for ways to bring in that promotion you’ve had your eyes on? Well, you have come to the right place! Keep reading to find out important tips and tricks to get promoted no matter where you work.

Internal Promotions

The first step that every individual needs to ensure before starting a job is to question the management about career advancement opportunities. Many companies do not internal promote their employees for a position, which is why if you are part of a company that finds individuals specifically for higher positions and does not internally promote then it is best to leave it at that point after you have gained your desired experience.

Be willing to take ownership of your position

The second step is to always take ownership of your position, do every task with dedication and go beyond your job description. There is opportunity in every task to show your best self. Companies notice the smallest extra effort and always consider employees that are willing to do more for them. This does not mean that you should over-exert yourself and not care about your physical and mental well-being. It’s important to do things within your capacity to do so.

Keep networking

Networking allows you to get around your field and find like minded people who appreciate your work. These are active opportunities to switch jobs and aim for a higher position with the experience you have already gathered.  Networking gives you a chance to get to know experts within your own field and learn a lot from them. It makes you become more valuable. For example, people on LinkedIn and Facebook share new and extremely knowledgeable information on platforms for others to learn from and this can be a great way to untap new information for your own field.

Excel at your job

This is the part where you think, well that is pretty obvious but the important part to understand is that you have to be great at it, if you’re unreplaceable then you’ll surely get that promotion but if you’re not willing to work hard then there can’t be any way around this. When you go an extra mile for your work then even your boss will notice. This leads to a better opportunity; your boss will definitely think of you when a vacancy opens or he needs you at a seniority level. Treat every task with utmost importance and don’t treat any small task as it is tedious. Your willingness to work shows how dedicated of an employee you are and your value will increase.


Lastly, you can’t expect a promotion, if you have not discussed it with your superiors beforehand. Communication is key and that is why you need to let your superior know that you expect advancement in your field while you work for them. You have to let them know how important it is for you and that it is one of your incentives of staying with the company in the long-run. Once employers realize that it is necessary to retain their valuable employees, they will offer promotions on performance. So, before you think about switching jobs or positions, it is important to let your current company know. If the company tells you beforehand that there are no possibilities of advancement you will be sure about leaving guilt free.

Here were five tips on improving your chances at a promotion. Paving your way for better opportunities is important to your growth in any industry and your rights. Don’t forget to be consistent and hardworking in this journey!  

How to Foster Flexibility In the Workplace Environment

The pandemic has changed the workplace environments for good. As compared to before, the workplace is now more flexible and needs to display this flexibility in the post-pandemic era as well for the convenience of both the employees and the employers. By flexibility, we mean telecommuting, work-life balance, and skills that the management applies for handling employees and their needs. It includes analyzing the work style and preference of employees and developing an effective feedback mechanism. It might seem like a lot of work but this is helpful in boosting productivity and ultimately benefiting the company. 

If you’re looking to boost employee turnover and attract the top talent to your company, make sure you review these tips to foster flexibility in your workplace:

1. Flexible Schedules

Flexible schedules are aimed at providing work-life balance to the employees instead of one-off accommodations for special circumstances. There are three different types of flexible schedules:

  1. Telecommuting: Some tasks don’t require an employee to work from the office and telecommuting is an effective way of letting the employees work from a remote environment as long as they get the job done. Telecommuting is also helpful in circumstances where it’s not possible for an employee to work from the office due to personal reasons. 
  2. Flexible office timings: A flexible time policy lets the employees stagger their office hours. Some employers also let the employees leave whenever they are done with their tasks of the day instead of a traditional 9-5 office day. 
  3. Condensed Schedules: Some tasks don’t require a five-day workweek. If the employee has reached their weekly work goal early, they may be allowed to take an additional day or two off. 

2. Work Preferences

Every employee has a different working style and preference. Instead of assigning tasks to employees without considering their preferences or what they can work the best with, employees should be allowed to decide which tasks and projects they think they can work the best on and let them handle it. Another way management can ensure more effective work and productivity is by carefully reviewing the work preference of employees and assigning them tasks accordingly instead of going into the project assignments blindfolded. This will boost employee motivation and increase workplace productivity.

3. Foster Creativity

Employees now prefer to be able to share their ideas and opinions regarding projects and work more productively when their voices aren’t suppressed. Over the past few years, employees of major tech giants have complained of having a rigid work environment where the opinions of employees aren’t considered, and as a result, their employee turnover has considerably reduced. Management can solve this issue by holding regular meetings with employees and listening to opinions regarding projects and considering them. This will motivate the employees to work harder and ensure employee loyalty. 

4. Regular Feedback

Feedback works two ways: for the employees and from the employees. Managers should provide regular feedback to employees whether it’s praise or constructive criticism. This will help the employees figure out their strengths and weaknesses and work on improving themselves accordingly. Similarly, listen to your employees and their feedback regarding the work environment. An employer that listens to the problems and opinions of the employees is respected and preferred by the employees and it helps increase employee turnover. 

Flexible work environments are productive and attractive to top talent because they cultivate a healthy company culture and avoid toxicity in the workplace. Make sure you keep in mind to foster flexibility in your company post-pandemic because remote work has changed the dynamics of the workplace for good and for the better! 

Best Business Advice For New Entrepreneurs

When you plan on starting a business, there are people in your life who out of care will give you advice and will try to stop you as well. But, most of the time that advice is here as they have never run a business in their life. While entrepreneurship sounds fancy and cool, we often forget that it comes with a lot of hard work and failure. 

Most businesses in today’s world begin with a simple idea followed by hours of research, changes in the products according to the market. Below are some of the best advice we have collected from industry experts and serial entrepreneurs to help you get through in your endeavours:

1. Solve A Problem Or Make Something Better

Most successful business owners know what problem they are solving or what they are making better and for most failed businesses, its exactly the opposite. They can almost never answer the question of what problem are you trying to solve. It doesn’t need to be something ultra complicated like curing Cancer but something as simple as curing boredom by providing things to watch at the convenience of your homes ( Netflix). Being aware of the problem you solve, you can use this in marketing to help people connect with your brand. Remember the problem should be burning and urgent.

2. Fail Faster, Fail Better

Perfectionists are often terrified of failure but the entrepreneurship life knocks that out of you. Failing faster and failing better every time using customer feedback is the backbone for a lot of successful brands nowadays. Infact most successful businesses have stories of improving after a misstep via customer feedback and responding to market changes in time. This does sound very self sabotaging but keep your eyes on the bigger picture, embrace it and let yourself fail. What’s the worst that could happen? 

3. Be Ready To Detour

At the time of conceptualization your start up / business idea might be one of the best and has potential success in it but the market is way too dynamic for a business that doesn’t want to pivot. Make sure to collect data from your first users or your test users and upgrade the product or service according to the needs of the market. To gain a better understanding and keep yourself in business, feedback with consistent innovation is key. We have examples like blackberry and nokia, one being an established brand couldn’t keep up and was forced into closure the other took a pause and then came back with newer and better products. 

4. Have A Financial Plan

It is very common among young entrepreneurs to just hurry into the business world and not have a single idea about how the finances are going to work. You need to have at least 6 months of day to day operations including the bills and salaries etc set aside to actually focus on running your business. If not, you will be occupied by making ends meet and won’t have time to innovate or experiment. Know your numbers and keep track of your finances.Keeping track of your finances will help you make better decisions and will save you any rash decisions. 

5. Customer Needs First

One of the biggest factors small businesses fail is unmet customer needs. This very factor has sent several businesses down the bankruptcy pipeline. If the customer isn’t getting what they were expecting, they will become frustrated. To help your customers feel heard and solve their problem in the best possible way, empathize with them. This way you wont take the insults hurled at you personally as well as solve the actual unmet need. Try to mirror the intent behind their words and solve the problem in the best possible way. This will open doors for future referrals and long term loyal customer relationships

Everything will fall into place eventually, if you are passionate and hard working towards your cause. Be it a product or a service. Think of it as going to the gym, it hurts at first and then after a while you start to develop the muscles and everything feel better. If you give after losing a few pounds, that is where your story ends but if you continue you never know how many lives you will touch. 

3 Tips To Make Your Work Life Stress Free

Workplace stress emanates when there is a conflict between employees meeting his job demand and the pressure and control he has to face to achieve his goals. The conflicts give way to excessive overtime to meet the deadlines and the distress to meet the employer’s expectations amid the fear of being rejected or being laid off. Continuous anxiety keeps the stress piling up, which pushes you to make bad decisions that ultimately affect your credibility and performance. But there’s always a way to put an end to the stressful work environment and create a balanced,  relaxing, and stress-free environment that will help you grow and meet your personal and your employee’s expectations in the longer run. Let’s have a look at how you can make your work-life stress-free with these easy tips. 

1. Find Solutions With An Objective Approach 

The work-life has some good days and some bad days. Some days you are so vigilant about your tasks, meet all the deadlines, optimistic about your future, and your colleagues also behave modestly. On the other days, there are heated arguments, problems with peers, conflicts with your bosses. But the important thing is how do you perceive and deal with the situation? There are people who interpret stressful situations subjectively, which means they are more defensive in nature and have serious self-doubt which allows them to take the problem and its response personally which definitely mar their working attitude. On the other hand, people having an objective interpretation of facts,  rationally really sort out the problems which is the key to finding a solution. 

2. Focus On What You Have Control Over 

Stress generates when we experience situations that are not in our control. The stress hormones take over our mind and body and affect our focus, confidence, and overall well-being if not managed on time. So whenever a new task comes or any situation that may seem stressful, take a deep breath and try to identify the things you have control over and the things that are uncontrollable. For example, your efficiency, your actions, your vigilance, emotions, and your performance are something that you have control over so managing them will get the task done effectively. Do not focus on things that you have no control over,  this will only give way to stress and would also affect the aspects that could have been managed impeccably. 

3. Take Short Breaks To Revive Your Energy 

Take small breaks throughout the day to keep your focus up. Plan your day and make a to-do list in the morning to eliminate stress and give yourself a rejuvenating day. Allow yourself to take breaks to regain the energy instead of pushing hard to get the maximum done. This will not only affect your productivity at work but also leave you with no energy for the rest of the day. Do some breathing exercises, stretch, walk or meditate to increase your concentration. This will rebuild your energy and revive the concentration that you need for a productive day. 

Corporate restructuring has put the future of thousands of employees at risk. More than half of the workforce of the world experiences sleepless nights due to the stress they experience at work. Every working person has at least 35 to 90 projects to comply with on a monthly basis and amid this overwhelming situation, they are interrupted and distracted every other minute of their 40 or more hours of duty a week. These general circumstances have given way to stress in the otherwise agreeable lives of people who live in constant fear of the uncertainty of employment.

11 Tips To Live A Cheerful Life Without Having A Large Amount Of Money

In the present world, everyone desires to live a happy life with a limited amount of money. If we wish to measure a cheerful life then foremost we have to realize the fact that happiness does not come from surroundings, it cannot be purchased from money, and happiness is something that comes from your heart.

 Always bear in mind that the truest wealth is not counted in cash however it is just the things which bring us happiness. You will never fully understand the importance of true wealth is until and unless you have something in your life that money simply cannot buy. Here are some tips and hacks to living a happy life with having a large amount of cash in your pocket.

Family And Friends

Everyone within the world wants family and friends to own support and luxury in times of joy and distress. Researches have shown that having substantive relationships could be a robust protecting factor against mental sickness and helps to extend our mental well-being. You can not purchase true relationships, and true relationships will bring a great deal of additional happiness that is even bigger than your bank account.

Outline ‘Happiness For You

Happiness will mean different things to completely different people, thus it’s necessary for you to understand what happiness means to you. Be honest, and ask a question from yourself that what is happiness for you? Gardening,  watching movies or cricket matches, sketching, cooking, or perhaps sleeping it depends upon you that how you are feeling happy?

Be Grateful

It’s not that happy people are grateful however the opposite way is true that grateful people are happy. Always keep in mind that somebody desperately desires that things you already have and you took them for granted. Learn to get pleasure from the richness of what you have.

Enhance Your Life

If you desire to enrich your life then start loving yourself as true enhancement comes in the form of self-esteem. Be the pride of everything that you have just done, even your mistakes. As mistakes mean that at least you are trying to achieve your goals.

Build A Lifetime Of Integrity

Integrity is the name of being honest and consistent, doing what is right rather than what is simple, and practicing your values instead of merely professing them. If you will be able to live with honesty you have gotten rich beyond your means.

Be Wealthy In Personality

Value your personality and integrity extremely highly that no one will be able to buy it out. Success is always short-term and money is momentary. Once all is alleged and done, the only factor left is the richness of your personality.

Provide Things For Complimentary

The more you give the more you get. Provide freehandedly your time, support, and respect.  Gave things without having personal benefits. By doing this you get the pleasure from inside and that kind of happiness is beyond limits.

Be Positive

A wealth of positivism makes you extraordinarily productive. As positive thoughts yield positive energy that causes a wealth of results.

Fancy The Journey.

Those who are always ready to fancy the journey instead of looking toward the next destination are among the happiest people as they live the moment they have rather than thinking about the moment they don’t have. Richness in your life comes from the experiences that come in your path of life both good and bad.

Earn Respect.

Show yourself to deserve respect one experience and engagement at a time. Attained respect could be a treasure.

Be Happy For Others.

When you are genuinely happy for others you provide for them and yourself.

All in all, you will be able to spend a happy life without losing money. It depends upon you how to find happiness in little things. Money is important in one’s life but it’s not much more important than happiness. There is something found in the world that can’t be purchased from money but they gave you happiness.

7 Weight Loss Tips You’ve Probably Never Tried

A long time ago humans discovered that the key to losing weight was to eat less and work more. However, as we move forward in life we find it very monotonous to indulge into this boring regime. Development and research has allowed us human beings to discover ourselves from a whole new perspective, this advancement has allowed us to discover futuristic and unique ways to do things in life. 

As we seek new ways to do everything in our routine life so why not take the chance and spice up or weight loss regime? Who likes this same old “lose your weight with a nutritious diet” or “Gym 5 times a week and get the body of your dreams”. This whole idea of going to only the gym and having a rigorous diet is the best way to demotivate anyone who’s trying to lose weight. As much as we may realize the importance of an active lifestyle, it is very hard to push ourselves from the comfort of our home to the gym. 

So we decided to compile some effective tips for you to lose the extra pounds without making extra effort! 

1. Downsizing! 

We aren’t talking about the downsizing big corporate firms (pun intended). What we really mean is take the time to maximize your results with minimal effort. Let us give you one of the most unique ways to downsize on your food. Downsizing your dinnerware is proven to reduce your intake. We’re not kidding! Larger plates always lead to more eating as compared to smaller plates in which you can eat smaller portions. So use your lunch ware in dinner and use your dinner plates for salads. More salad and less oil foods! 

2. Don’t Drink Your Calories 

If you’re trying to lose weight and still haven’t cut down on soft drinks and carbonated drinks, are you even serious about your weight loss? Soft Drinks and Carbonated drinks are established bad boys but did you ever wonder that even fruit juices contain a similar amount of sugar? I guess not! Studies have shown that calories that come from liquid sugar may be the single most fattening aspect of the modern diet. We are definitely not asking you to cut down on your fruit intake since fruits are an essential part of a healthy diet but try to avoid juices as much as you can due to their high sugar content. 

3. Find Ways To Motivate Yourself 

Write notes for yourself and keep reminding yourself of all the reasons you are losing weight. To fit in your old skinny jeans, to rock a new bikini at the beach or just to feel good about yourself. Whatever your reasons are, keep reminding yourself everyday why you have embarked on this journey. Moreover, write inspirational quotes on sticky notes and place them in areas where you will frequently read them to keep your motivation levels high at all times! In my experience, placing these notes on fridges and snack cabinets really deters you from cheating on your weight loss regime.

4. Separate Your Emotions From Eating

Stress eating is a very normal thing and often people trying to lose weight get deeply affected if they give in to their emotions. We strongly suggest that you pre-plan and pack your snacks and make a completely different section for them. Eliminate the junk food cabinet out of your house, don’t stock up on junk food in your monthly grocery. Slice up some fruits and vegetables and put them in the fridge. Nuts and seeds are also healthy alternatives to potato chips that you uncontrollably turn to. Do not eat whatever you feel like!

5. Reward System 

Treating yourself like a five year old kid may seem a little unrealistic but rewarding yourself on achieving small goals is one of the most effective ways to keep yourself motivated and on the right track. The reward could be anything from your favorite jacket to shoes to even a dollar bill. Achieving smaller milestones becomes easier if you are rewarding yourself with anything you’ve wanted for a long time. All the money that you spend on dining out or buying junk food, try saving that for a month and then at the end of the month buy something for yourself or improve your house with that money. 

6. Let It Go

Let go of things that bother you! There are many ways to do this but a well-known way is to write about an important personal issue. Research shows that journaling is known to reduce stress levels as it allows you to turn to something else other than eating during stressful periods. For a lot of people this may be a very small thing but stress has a very considerable impact on our diet, weight gain and loss. 

7. Make Healthy Food Easily Accessible 

Stock your pantry with healthy foods and try to cook meals for yourself as much as you can. Your house should be filled with fruits, vegetables and nuts, anything that will stop you from going towards unhealthy alternatives. A Pantry full of food will also encourage you to cook your own meals and you will have a better control over your calorie intake. Avoid dining out because a recent study revealed that eating out increases your calorie intake 134 Calories! 

Incorporate these easy tips in your weight loss regime and maybe one of it is your ticket to the perfect beach body!

5 Career Advices That You Should Consider

Profession advice  from an accomplished counsellor can help you in case you’re battling all alone. The vocation counsel will assist you with understanding your character, interests and wishes, and based on these things you’ll have the option to shape your profession.

Toward the beginning of your profession or in case you’re thinking about a lifelong switch, you’ll end up confronted with settling on choices that could fundamentally affect your life and vocation. Frequently this won’t settle on the decisions any simpler, and it’s imperative to arrive at an informed choice.

Career Advice Process

Getting great profession advice will assist you with settling on the correct choices and guide out the course to your optimal vocation. The counsel will be multifaceted, containing components at first equipped towards discovering what sort of occupation would best suit you. What are your inclinations and what are your characteristics? What skills do you have and how is it possible that you would utilise them in your profession?

How Do You Find Your Ideal Job?

Career advice doesn’t stop at featuring your inclinations and abilities, however. When the course you’d prefer to take is clear, the profession guide will likewise assist you with making the primary strides needed to accomplish your objective. Where would you be able to secure your dream position, what abilities will you actually have to sharpen or what course would you follow to guarantee that your profession goes as easily as you’d like it to?

Here are 5 professional advices that you should really consider:

1. Do Something You Enjoy 

Somebody said to me from the beginning, “Discover something you appreciate doing.” When you appreciate what you do, you’re more successful. It’s that straightforward. At the point when you appreciate the individuals you work with and what you’re doing, time simply passes easily — it doesn’t feel like work and you’re willing to go the additional mile. Now and then it requires some investment to locate an extraordinary fit, however it’s consistently justified, despite any trouble.

2. Be Curious And Ask Questions

Regardless of what vocation stage you are in, whether you are searching for your first post-graduate work or have long periods of involvement on your resume, it’s essential to learn constantly. Be interested and pose inquiries.

3. Be A Team Player

Be a cooperative person, however ensure you are not generally the one contribution to do the workplace “housework” — arranging the organisation excursion or occasion party — particularly in case you’re a lady, as we lopsidedly volunteer for unpaid, unrewarded office undertakings.

4. Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone

Try to attempt new things that you didn’t try before. Escaping your customary range of familiarity is critical to preparing for your next job. Keep in mind, once in a while the ride is rough, and you don’t get it wonderful the first run through, however that is the cycle to experience to learn and develop.

5. Always Ask, And Do What You Say You’ll Do

Continuously ask — the most noticeably terrible you’ll hear is “no.” This has transformed into a daily existence mantra, and I have discovered that “no” doesn’t occur regularly. Normally, if it’s not actually what you need, you’ll in any event get something more than what you began with.

This is particularly significant with regards to remuneration. It was drilled in my mind almost immediately that there’s a compensation hole between what ladies procure and which men acquire. From that point on, I made the guarantee to myself I would not permit myself to be essential for that measurement, and I even once rejected a work since they wouldn’t haggle with me.

How To Balance And Make The Most Of Your Work & Life

The last two decades have seen a pressing demand for balancing the personal and work life as the latter is having a significant constraint on the social and family life of the working class. Creating and retaining this balance has positive effects on the health and the failure of it has adverse effects on the self-reported health of workers and their family lives. This article provides a deep insight into the existent perspective and possible solutions for employees and employers to work-alike for a better work-life balance as work-life integration is crucial to maintain a healthy mind and personal life and our relationship with work represents our overall well-being. Let’s have a look at how to attain the balance that would keep our work and private life stable and how we can make the most of our lives while giving our best in every role. 

Play With Your Strengths

To make the most of your work life and life in general, it is essential to discover and harness your unique strengths. In recent years, (RBS), the Reflected Best Self exercise has worked the best to evaluate the personal best of an individual in order to step up their potential. It’s a tool that helps you align an action plan for your future with all the passion, focus, and follow-through. Based on four steps, you discover yourself through the feedback of others in the first step, then you look for a common theme in the gathered feedback, and in the third step, you compose your structure based on those patterns. And inculcate these themes and the strengths in the current job scenarios. The RBS is a systemic, constructive plan that recognizes your unexplored and undiscovered areas of potential. And it’s not only on employees to discover and measure their capabilities, but employers who focus on ethical attributes such as trust and resilience in their workers can also harvest amazing bottom-line results in the long run. 

Accentuate Your Performance 

There is no denying that appreciation encourages people’s confidence and helps them to perform better while criticism lays down defensive attitude and stalemate in the behavior.  More than half of our adult workers feel stagnant, exhausted, and unfulfilled as they are lacking in some other aspects of their lives. It could be their work, family, society, or themselves where they lack. We understand that playing these different roles and always performing well could be tiresome, but one can find value among these roles and can achieve the best in all domains. It requires you to create a sustainable change in your attitude and personality for yourself and the people important to you. It requires you to manage and develop and take a clear view of the involved expectations on all sides. It requires you to act with integrity, creativity, and authenticity. It requires you to identify your core values, your vision, and your key stakeholders and broaden your thought process for better performance in every domain. 

Measure Your Life 

The strongest motivator in life is the opportunity to learn, invest, grow, and impart. It has never been the money. With a clear sense of purpose, it is easy to create and mark a pathway and attain success, in whatever way it qualifies for you. Without a clear sense of purpose, one is left astray. Whether it’s your professional or personal life or your mind, body, or spirit, in the end, all that matters is the peace, love, respect, your raw experiences, and adventures, we earned in our life. It’s not about numbers, it has never been about numbers, it’s about the connections we work and we are willing to work on that adds to the achievements of our lives. 

3 Pieces Of Advice That Will Transform Failure Into Success

Failure is inevitable when you are trying to achieve something big in your life. It’s a term used to define an event or a set of events that remained unaccomplished. There are people who are very enthusiastic regarding their achievements in life and for them the end results of their hard work is significantly important and they regard failure a huge loss of their lives. For others, who love the process of accomplishing a task, failure is an experience to do better in the next run. For the former ones, failure is a dead-end, (in most cases). They lose the vigor, passion, and determination to move forward and entrap in the downward spiral of frustration and depression. The latter ones critically analyze their actions, scrutinize the process, and look for loopholes along the way, and without wasting a minute, get back to their business and that is; creating a different and better path to success. So what are the things that keep them hands-on and help them transform failure into success. Let’s find out

Take Setbacks In Strides 

Setbacks tend to happen and it’s a sign that you are moving forward. Dealing with these setbacks might take a toll on a person’s emotional and mental health and some even inflict self-reliant anxiety and desperation onto them. This not only wastes time but blurs their goals. Setbacks make you vulnerable and nobody likes it. You need to come out of your comfort zone, get rid of the blame game, and make adjustments. Remember, success is not something that can be achieved without any hurdle or impediment, but the real success is getting up the eighth time after failing for the seventh. All you need is to acknowledge what happened and keep trying, no matter if you are failing, you will fail better every time until you achieve your destination. 

Get Rid Of Destructive Self-Analysis 

The negative self-talk and analysis could be seriously toxic. Berating yourself over continuous failures and thinking of yourself as someone who has a hidden desire for failing could have a long-lasting impact on your mental health. again, it does not bring you any closer to success rather you lose the ingredients one requires to be successful. Self-analysis is one of our mental habits in which we critically analyze ourselves and our actions that lead us to an undesirable point. In simple words, it’s what we make ourselves to do rather it’s something that happens to us. And changing our way of thinking and regulating our thoughts in a positive beam can help us get rid of the destructive self-analysis and move towards a constructive narrative for yourself that will make the path towards success a bit easier and less problematic. 

Rejuvenate Your Goals

It is important that you never lose your focus and keep a close eye on your goal once faced by the fear of failure or the failure itself. Failure can be palsying or it can be a sober experience. It’s all about how you perceive it. As life goes on with all the bumps and hurdles, same is with your goals and the ways to achieve them. Don’t let a bad experience put a period on it. Keep rejuvenating your thoughts, your achievements, your dreams and your goals. Identify and define your goals and speak about it to the world. Target your passion and analyze your strengths to accomplish it. Then design your ways with the strengths in hand and look for possibilities that can help you attain and deliver your dream. Remember! There is only one way to turn your dreams into reality and that is to keep trying and never give up! 

Future of work- Presenting Awkward work moments

Being a freelancer or remote working has its perks and we all like to tell the story of working for yourself from your home office as a dream come true but there are some darker and hilarious sides to this that no one talks about. The reality of work from home is filled with all manners of comical anecdotes spanning from mildly awkward to downright embarrassing and as the future of work is turning towards virtual interaction which is the new normal, the awkward moments have also taken up a new normal. As colleagues are getting a new peek into each other’s life, some pretty interesting moments are happening during our Zoom and Google meetings.

Let’s talk and celebrate them, it will only bring us closer and we all need that during the pandemic, don’t we?

  • Wearing the same T-shirt on every video call of the week

The office attire rules are different in the virtual world. Dressing up for special meetings and presentations is there but when it comes to daily team meetings, people usually end up in their favorite t-shirt or sweatshirt all week long. 

  • Business on top and party on the bottom

Speaking of weird fashion choices, most people haven’t worn real pants since march. It’s all yoga pants or shorts. Most professionals on occasion have swapped their favorite sweatshirt for one of those forgotten blazers in their closet but you bet the yoga pants are staying, after all, who is going to notice? Unless you are sitting at a bad camera angle

  • Speaking over your colleagues 

Glitchy wifi, bothersome mute buttons, and hard to read body language make it impossible not to speak over someone during a virtual meeting followed by complete silence where everyone was trying to let the other person speak. It’s super awkward but we all have to agree it’s the new normal and technically nobody’s fault. 

  • Kids will insert themselves into your meetings

From asking for food and going to the bathroom and dancing behind their parents while they are on a zoom call, kids are having the time of their lives. Thankfully most of the people in our offices are cool with this. If anything this pandemic has made us more humans and accepting of each other. To be honest, these moments are good serotonin boosters during meetings, keep them coming, parents

  • Special appearances by yours truly “ your pets”

Speaking of special entries by children and we don’t count pets in would be unfair on our part. We have all enjoyed reading tweets to watching youtube videos of cats and dogs meeting bombing their owners from live international broadcasts to private office meetings and we have enjoyed them no doubt and will continue to do so.

  • The Mute Button

The dreadful and often the funniest moment, of course for your colleagues, when you are either talking to your children, pets, or spouse about something, and to your horror, the mute button was off. Too many people who aren’t very tech-savvy or simply forgot to turn on the mute button. The internet is a great place to find stories of such happenings

Working from home although comes with great perks of being your own boss and spending time with your family. it has its own challenges and flavor of awkward when it comes to it, choose wisely and enjoy it. As these are the little moments are the ones that make up the experience of living and working truly wholesome, sometimes not. After all, it is said that the only true currency in this world is your uncool moments and the laughter followed by it.

Managing Success and Failures in Life

Success and failure are abstract in nature and are comprehended differently by different people. Much associate success with worldly commodities, fame, leadership, and prestige while failure in the lack of it. While attaining success is not a piece of cake, coping with failures is a hard toil as well. In actuality, failures are important to have in order to celebrate success in life. Keeping a balance in life, attaining and sustaining success, and burying failure under rugs is the actual achievement of life. Life is a roller coaster, with every day coming up with new hope and struggle for people and the real accomplishment is to thrive every day, give your best and avoid getting into the tornado of depression.

Get Rid of Superiority and Inferiority Syndrome

Emotionally unhealthy people are more prone to these syndromes. The intoxication of power and wealth makes them smug and adamant. Their personalities are absorbed with uncompromising nature, over-confidence and they ignore their shortcomings, imprudence, and lost sight of reality which leads to ultimate failure. Remember, attaining success is not as hard as sustaining it for a longer period of time. In other cases, the people who face more failures in life become the victim of stress, emotional instability, depression, and agonizing. They forget that the failing experience is more of an opportunity for improvement and a necessary blockage for success. The only thing that helps one in such a situation is a strong and healthy mind and emotions. A mentally and emotionally rugged person would take failure as a lesson and move forward. The only defeat one can suffer is when they become hopeless, futureless, and give up. 

Failure is not Bad!

First of all, we must not perceive failure as something misfortunate. It’s an experience which encourages you to learn that may be another approach is more suitable. It’s merely a blunder that does not define your attitude but a starting point to go on. Even if you face constant failure in every venture you try on, you will see that there are not many people or organizations working on coping and learning from failure. Now, very few of them who have taken the initiative but have still failed to interpret the meaning of failure. The act of failing is not something to recollect the fault, highlighting it, and avoid doing it in the future, be it on a personal level or an organizational level.  Rather it’s a process of unpredictability where the personal deviance, or lack of commitment or the complexity of the situation urges you to make a fault. The favourable counselling, your own optimism and judgment about your doings and strong mental functionality can help you making the same mistake again that led to the failure in the first place.

Dealing with Success

Some people can’t handle the success that comes their way and do everything to let it loose. It’s because they don’t know how to handle it. They get elated with the newly gained wealth and fame and there is nothing that can get a hold of them. First of all, a person with a strong mind and emotions would never see himself in such a situation, so a bit of constructive thinking, confidence, flexibility and self-assurance would be helpful to keep a steady attitude. Another way to be grateful for what you got is to remember the time when you had nothing.  Gratitude can take you a long way. Thirdly, you have no idea how much an emotional reactive person can lose so much in life. So train yourself to be a good listener and observer. Sit back and take note of happenings with logic. True power comes with restraint. Don’t let your words and emotions control you. 

To sum up, one needs to be flexible in his attitude in order to deal with both success and failure. The adamance and the intransigent nature would never help one in dealing with both stances in life. There are going to be difficult times, they will be bad days but with the right stress, time, money and emotional management, success is not far away. And once when you are successful, your positive attitude, sensible and practical approach towards life, the emotional health and your  family would help you stay afloat. 

5 Things No One Told Me About When I Started My First Job

First job is important for your career as well as a great learning experience. Because no matter what anyone tells you, you will have to go through everything on your own. You will make mistakes and there are a lot of things that you will learn by practice. People around you give advice but no one will actually tell you about things in detail and many things will surprise you. Your loved ones will talk about positives only.

Here are the 5 things that I wish I knew before starting my first job:

1)      Take Responsibility When You Fail

As it is your first job, you will be making many mistakes but it is alright as long as you do not blame it on others. If you are having a problem, discuss it with someone who knows how to do it. Your colleagues will be ready to help you as they have made some mistakes too when they were not experienced. Own your mistake and try to learn more about it rather than stressing about it and feeling bad because you are not the only person who has failed.

2)      Everyone Is Not Your Friend  

This is so important. If you are someone who is friendly, you will definitely think everyone who is nice with you during work is your friend but that is not the case unfortunately. Even there will be people who will be nice to you and there will be people who will not help you and make an excuse but that is okay. Always focus on what you are doing, listen to others but do what you think is suitable for you. Build a work relationship with everyone around you in a professional way because once you will start working, you will realize there are so many ways that will mislead you, you have to figure out yourself what is best for you. Do not fall into any trap.

3)      Professionalism Is The Key

What professionalism actually is? You will get to know as soon as you start working. I can not emphasise enough on how important it is. There is a proper way in which you have to communicate and work. You need to find a balance between what you know and what you do not. The things that you do not know, you can learn by observation and for that first few weeks are really crucial. Try to settle in the environment according to what is required rather than what you want as it will help in building a good impression of you.

4)      It Is Important To Ask Questions

 The inner voice will tell you to not ask any question as your boss will think you do not know anything. You have no idea how necessary it is to ask questions when you do not know how to do a certain thing. Never hesitate to do that. You will make things difficult for you if you do that. Always clarify things before working on a project. Talk in detail with your boss, it will save a lot of time and will help you in making less mistakes.

5)      It Is Okay Not To Know Everything But Learning Matters

You definitely will not be aware of how things work specially when it is your first job. You will not know how to do your first task but it is not something you should be ashamed of. You are doing it to gain experience and that is important. Learning is the key. First job teaches you a lot. Be patient and savor the experience. Learn by observing, by making mistakes and by trying new things. The whole process will teach you something. You will leave with good and bad memories both but the things you will learn can not be taught, only experienced through practical work. Always focus on what you are going to learn from this and difficult tasks will seem easier to you. You will be to enjoy while doing something which is new to you.

I hope your first job provides you a learning experience that will help you in achieving your goals.

I start a business with virtual reality

Use virtual reality for everyday problems. Two Sardinian startuppers have invented Icnodent, glasses to wear to overcome the fear of the dentist.

Students of the Faculty of Dentistry in Madrid, Christian and Jonathan Mulas have won a competition for the most innovative ideas. Instead of the dreaded drill, those who wear glasses will see a film, a football pitch or read a book. Christian attributes coming up with this idea while battling with drug addiction in rehab. His brother Jonathan turned to friends and family to help support Christian. They found great strength in God and became more understanding of what they could do to help someone with drug addiction.

Small and big stories. Wildix, a multinational born in Trento, launches a 3D virtual reality helmet for those who work at the PC (call center workers, employees, assistants, managers …).

The goal is to combine, in a kind of simplified tai chi , productivity and training. The various actions (scrolling through the phone book, transferring a call, involving a colleague) will be performed with arm gestures. The software will impose breaks and can document productivity contests.

6 tips for a successful business from Richard Branson

It has a 5 billion dollar assets (according to Forbes) and a group that has more than 400 companies around the world. Richard Branson, patron of Virgin, owes much of his success to his generosity: as a blogger for various business magazines, he continues to provide useful advice to readers. We have collected seven, the ones that seemed the most significant to us. Here they are.

1. If you are not proud of what you do, forget it!
«Running a business means tears, sweat, blood and a lot of caffeine. But at the end of the day he can tell you proud of what you’ve built. For me, doing a business means, first of all, building something to be proud of, putting together a group of talents to create something that really makes a difference in people’s lives ».

2. Choose the name of your company carefully
“I was talking to a group of girls one night about a name to give to a record store. We put down a number of ideas. Among these came “Virgin”, it struck me immediately because it contained all the elements of a successful business: fresh, sexy, something not yet explored ».

3. Who knows how to take risks in business
“” The brave may not live forever, but the cowards don’t live at all. ” Remember: every business has risks and success never comes from reassurance. Of course you can fail, but whoever dares fails only half if he takes his time to understand why and to learn ».

4. From a good first impression. And also a second …
«A first good impression is fundamental: you need it to bring the customer to you, but the second is equally important. Because it happens that the customer calls you for a problem to solve. Your ability to listen to him and satisfy his requests makes the difference between a business destined for success and one devoted to failure ».

5. Break the distance between you and the employees
«Employees must feel free and encouraged to express their opinions without feeling prisoners of their job: so they can work better and make better decisions. Only a motivated and enthusiastic working group builds a successful product and service. And above all a company destined to last over time “.

6. Ask for opinions: a first, a second, a third…
“You save time and money if you learn to listen to others and ask questions. Some respond to you and make you want to leave. But others can offer you the best solution to your questions. Therefore, submit your idea to as many people as you can, and study their reactions before embarking on something. “

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